Monday, August 1, 2016

When i said i forgive you, i really meant forgiving myself.

When i was stabbed in the back by you, i felt the same pain that you went through when you were stabbed by the exact same knife.

Now with this knife in my hands and a mind filled with rage... i am tempted to stab another with it to share this pain.

But i understand... You did what you had to because you just couldnt handle the pain, you couldnt understand why, hence all you wanted at that point was to either erase this pain or to let others know your pain... the hard way.

And you chose me and I paid the price dearly... mentally.

This cycle will continue if i have your foolish mindset. Hence, i shall end it for your sake and those before you but most importantly, my sake.

Hence, i forgive myself.

And bury the knife.

I dont know about you. I am dead to you as much as you are dead to me.

You shall forever be a memory to me.

The present is here and the future... exciting.


I am alive.

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